IMPs trip

IMPs first aid trip on PhotoPeach

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Peterloo Manchester museum trip on PhotoPeach

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Olympics wow starter!

Ancient Greek WOW starter! on PhotoPeach

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Anti-bullying day! on PhotoPeach

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My trip to bale’s house, by leo

Photo on 2014-07-14 at 11.11

One sunny day ,  my mum woke me up at half past 7 just to go shopping. And it took my mum half an hour to just get changed , so as quick as a flash I ran up stairs and said “When are we going because your taking ages.”     Then my mum shouted to me ” lets go then”.So then were at  shopping then my mum said to him “go and   get the crisp”.  So when I turned the corner I seen bale then I ran up to him and said” can i have your photo graph”. So then Bale pulled out a pen to sigh it.


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The Beautiful Jaguar

Photo on 2014-07-14 at 10.35

One lovely afternoon, I was wandering around in the amazon rainforest for an expedition, looking at all the plants and animals.I came to look for the most beautiful Jaguar so I could study it and find things about it. So we could bond with it . When I found a base camp and I knew it was my camp because no one else was  there ,it   was only me who was there.

When I came here lots of people were here exploring but then the beautiful Jaguar ate all of them alive so that is why I want to study her, so I could let people know that she is not dangerous. And so that she has friends to play with .

At the end of the day I went back to rio to tell people about what really happened  to those people  in the rainforest and where they are now and how they could change that so people can go back into the forest and explore it again. A few months later the beautiful Jaguar found a place at a zoo with lots of other jaguars to play with and lots of food and toys she really liked it there.

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THE sea rocks

Photo on 2014-07-14 at 10.10

I was thinking of writing about my adventure in the beach .I went lost summer on holiday in the sea side , with my dad,my mum , my sister and my brother . we stated in tent for two days ,when we arrived ,my dad started  to put the tent up .my dad and mum said “do not go to  swim in till  I finish and I go to try the sea first” . I went to play  with my ipad my brother went  to play with his toy and my sister was playing  with to toy.After that my sister went to the sea and she saw the jellyfish come into my sister feet and my sister started cry my brother came fast to help my sister  my sister come to dad and dad said” I said do not  went to the sea” .


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On a long 6 weeks holiday in Manchester, I was getting ready for the best day in my life. I was going to go to a new island my cousin [ Sweetpie]. I was leaving with my younger bother Joy who is 8. The oldest person, who is my Mum,  was going to take us on a plane with a island photo on it, at 2.25 am. We called a taxi to take us to the airport near Wythenshawe to go to the island.

As I arrived, we went to a nearby beach house to wait for him

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What makes the earth angry? on PhotoPeach

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Writing prompt stampy’s world!!!

One morning , i went to the shops to buy some delicious sweets and a cake for me Suddenly Bumped into a teenager with a striped t-shirt and curly black hair, Sorry i said  anxiously and walked away. After 5 seconds I looked at the stranger and imagined stampy and his real life appearance and as quick as a flash, I shouted “Stampy!!!!”
Suddenly,Stampy froze and looked back at me and  then i said “I am your biggest fan in the world” then he replied “errrrmmm cool” Then we walked out of the shop together and he asked me if i want to go to his world so I replied of -course so he held my hand and without feeling anything i was in a world of blocks and i was made out of blocks too.he said ”you can come here and play with me anytime you want” so I teleported back to earth and never forgot that exciting moment…
Photo on 2014-07-14 at 10.34

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