The Beautiful Jaguar

Photo on 2014-07-14 at 10.35

One lovely afternoon, I was wandering around in the amazon rainforest for an expedition, looking at all the plants and animals.I came to look for the most beautiful Jaguar so I could study it and find things about it. So we could bond with it . When I found a base camp and I knew it was my camp because no one else was  there ,it   was only me who was there.

When I came here lots of people were here exploring but then the beautiful Jaguar ate all of them alive so that is why I want to study her, so I could let people know that she is not dangerous. And so that she has friends to play with .

At the end of the day I went back to rio to tell people about what really happened  to those people  in the rainforest and where they are now and how they could change that so people can go back into the forest and explore it again. A few months later the beautiful Jaguar found a place at a zoo with lots of other jaguars to play with and lots of food and toys she really liked it there.

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