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Writing prompt stampy’s world!!!

One morning , i went to the shops to buy some delicious sweets and a cake for me Suddenly Bumped into a teenager with a striped t-shirt and curly black hair, Sorry i said  anxiously and walked away. After 5 seconds I looked at the stranger and imagined stampy and his real life appearance and as quick as a flash, I shouted “Stampy!!!!”
Suddenly,Stampy froze and looked back at me and  then i said “I am your biggest fan in the world” then he replied “errrrmmm cool” Then we walked out of the shop together and he asked me if i want to go to his world so I replied of -course so he held my hand and without feeling anything i was in a world of blocks and i was made out of blocks too.he said ”you can come here and play with me anytime you want” so I teleported back to earth and never forgot that exciting moment…
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